Why Precision Medicine?


  • A 2016 study showed that the percentage of cancer patients who achieved tumor shrinkage doubles when prescribed treatments matched to their genomic profile.

  • Comprehensive genomic profiling enables physicians to find more treatment options and select the most suitable treatment based on  genomic characteristics.

  • Using ACTOnco® + comprehensive genomic profiling, 83.9% of the patients found corresponding treatment solutions.


% Achieved Tumor Shrinkage

Conventional Medicine

Precision Medicine
Genotype-matched and personalized

Source: Genome Medicine (2016) 8:109

What We Offer

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

ACTOnco®  analyzes >440 genes, 31 fusion genes & 182 fusion transcripts to help physicians find more treatment options and identify the most suitable therapies. Treatment evaluation includes targeted therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy.

Liquid Biopsy for Cancer Monitoring

ACTMonitor®+analyzes tumor DNA circulating in blood stream to provide physicians with real-time monitoring of drug resistance, early detection of cancer recurrence and evaluation of treatment responses.



Patient Stories

Cancer genomic profiling service really helps me to fight stage 4 lung cancer. My wife and I relieved a lot knowing I can use targeted therapy ! I got better after 2 weeks medication. As a doctor, I hope more cancer patients can recover as I did.


Lung Cancer Patient Story: Dr. Jidbhong Jayavasu

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Taiwan Healthcare Data Preservation Platform Initiative

The Taiwan government initiative "Taiwan Precision Medicine Collaboration Initiatives" with ACT Genomics, Novartis Taiwan, and Pfizer Taiwan.

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