Joe Hsueh, MBA

Chief Operating Officer, Cofounder

Joe Hsueh is the Chief Operating Officer of ACT Genomics co. ltd. His role is to lead finance operation, sales/ marketing and business development team to foresee business opportunities for future growth. Mr. Hsueh brings over 15 years of experience in operations, finance and business development at a reputable biopharmaceutical company, TaiGen Biotechnology in Taiwan. Prior to joining ACT Genomics, Mr. Hsueh has led TaiGen Biotechnology in Taiwan to complete 2 series, co-conducted 1 series of financing and successfully closed in total of 114 Million US$ within 7 years, inked an out-licensing deal, and involved in various tasks and business networking in Biopharmaceuticals/Pharmaceutical industry. Before TaiGen Biotechnology, he had worked for Chengxin VC and led fund-raising for 6 companies in the States and Taiwan.

Mr. Hsueh holds an MBA degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in USA, and B.A. in Microbiology from Soochow University in Taiwan.

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