4/20-22 ACT Genomics’ Prostate cancer research will be presented in UROFAIR 2017


Our prostate cancer abstract titled"'myth or magic: precision oncology for advanced prostate cancer in Taiwan'"has been accepted by UROFAIR 2017 and published in 2017, BJUI 119, supplement 4, 27-28. Our Regional Managing Director Allen Lai  on behalf of ACT Genomics presented the abstract in the  UROFAIR 2017 .

UROFAIR is an important international Urology conference which accelerates progress in the field of Urology and introduces new treatment options. UROFAIR 2017 will be held in Singapore on 4/20-22, where we will present a poster of our research results. Welcome to join UROFAIR 2017 to learn more about our precision oncology in prostate cancer research!

More information about UROFAIR: https://www.urofair.com/

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