07/07-08 ACT Genomics' abstract on "Integrating NGS Into Treatment Strategies For Advanced Prostate Cancer" is accepted by BASCO


ACT Genomics participated in BASCO 2017 as a booth exhibitor and presented an abstract on "Integrating NGS into Treatment Strategies for Advanced Prostate Cancer" in a poster presentation. Best of ASCO (BASCO) - 3rd Singapore Society of Oncology Annual Scientific Meeting in Singapore, is an inter-society symposium with the theme "Building Bridges to Develop Oncology in Asia," where we were joined by experts from Medical Oncology Group of Australia, Japanese Society of Medical Oncology, and Malaysia Oncological Society. We expect that the conference will foster new collaborations between societies and encourage clinicians and researchers to come forward and share their knowledge.

About BASCO: https://www.bascoasia.com/

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